AZLE State representatives said Wednesday they're consulting state geologists after three more small earthquakes shook North Texas on Tuesday.

The rumblings were again felt in Parker County, like seven others this month.

Overall, North Texas has experienced 12 small quakes in November. Tuesday's 3.6-magnitude jolt about 6:40 p.m. got everyone talking at the Sandy Beach convenience store and restaurant.

'I thought, 'Oh Lord, the ground is coming apart!'' said Diane King.

Another worker, John Hutchison, said he nearly lost his balance when the earth began to move.

Many suspect the quakes are somehow connected to gas drilling. Previous studies have found possible links to waste water injection wells near faults, but no link to fracking.

State Rep. Phil King of Weatherford says he and Rep. Charlie Geren of Fort Worth will meet with state geologists to see what can be done to find the cause.


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