TERRELL -- On Monday night, Charles Brownlow went to the home of high school friend Chris Humphries on Frances Street in Terrell.

Humphries' mother, Teri Kirkpatrick, told News 8 her son and Brownlow smoked a couple of cigarettes. She said he was also asking for beer and wanted to party. He left the home, but came back a little later.

By this time, Humphries had heard about the murders of Brownlow's mother and aunt. So when he saw him, he did not open the door. He and his girlfriend ran for cover.

'He and the girl went running to bedroom and barricaded themselves,' Kirkpatrick said. 'They pushed a big cabinet and shoved it against the door.'

When they didn't answer the door, Brownlow broke a window and crawled through it. He headed towards the bedroom.

'They are holding the cabinet against the door,' she said. 'He was able to shove it open a little bit, put his hand through the door, and started shooting.'

Bullets went through the door, cabinet, and ceiling.

'When they heard the gun stop, they ran and pulled a mattress over them,' Kirkpatrick said. 'They heard him reload and he fired off more rounds.'

The couple called police and that scared Brownlow away. Humphries' mother said someone was watching over son.

'His grandmother used to sleep in that bedroom,' Kirkpatrick said. 'He said, 'My grandmother had her arms around me and saved my life.''

People say after he ran away from the home, Brownlow went down the street and killed two other high school friends.

Humphries' mother said she knows how close her son came to dying. She said Chris Humphries was shaken up by the incident and has left Terrell for the time being.


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