DALLAS Police are investigating after a hit-and-run accident in West Dallas put a boy in the hospital on his seventh birthday Saturday afternoon.

Lorenzo Cantu was out of the hospital on Sunday after being treated for a concussion. Initial reports that he had also suffered a broken leg proved to be unfounded.

The incident was recorded on a surveillance video, which shows the youngster running into the road from behind a parked car in the 3100 block of Conroe Street. He is struck by a white or cream-colored extended-cab pickup truck pulling a flatbed trailer.

The driver keeps going.

'We got you on camera! We got you on video!' exclaimed Oscar Andrade, Oscar's grandfather.

Belinda Calvillo witnessed the hit-and-run, and she was shocked. 'This little boy didn't deserve this... he didn't,' she said.

Dallas police have yet to track down the hit-and-run driver, but investigators confirm that the surveillance video has been reviewed.

Andrade said the driver was speeding... and kept going after hitting Lorenzo. 'He could have stopped. He could have helped,' the victim's grandfather said in utter frustration. 'Dude! Anybody in that truck could have got off before he got to the corner.'

Lorenzo's family is grateful the injuries that his aren't life-threatening, but they want justice, and they are begging the driver to come forward.

'Why? Por que? Why?' Andrade asked. 'Seven years old? You could have stopped, helped. Don't do this! You do this once, you'll do it again!'

Dallas police said the incident is under investigation and no arrests have been made. The driver of the pickup truck faces charges of failure to stop and render aid and abandoning a child.


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