DALLAS -- Bianca Sanchez isn't the same woman she was five months ago, but she is determined to try and find the positive.

Sanchez suffered horrific burns to 75 percent of her body after she was doused with gasoline and set on fire.

'Sometimes I wonder why,' the 20-year-old said. 'But it happened, and is time to move forward.'

Sanchez and an old friend were playing video games inside a Fort Worth gas station in May when Fort Worth police say Consuelo Ramirez, 23, walked in, threw gasoline on Sanchez and then set her on fire.

Ramirez is in custody and was indicted on an attempted murder charge.

But since getting out of Parkland Hospital's burn unit in late September, Sanchez has been trying to recover, forgive and forget.

'Changing the bandages used to hurt so bad,' she said. 'It's a little better now.'

Her father, Tony, and a sister care for her at a Dallas apartment, which is near a physical rehabilitation clinic and doctors.

The rehab is grueling.

'She always says, 'I can't, I can't, I can't,'' Tony said. 'I tell her, 'Don't tell me you can't.''

A dozen medications and daily applications of lotion are crucial for recovery.

Bianca hopes to one day return to school, and also speak to local teens who might be going down the same path of drugs that took over her life.

'It's not all fun and games, not all great like everyone thinks,' she said.

A suspected accomplice in the attack, Charles Heath Roberts, is also in custody and facing charges.

Both he and Ramirez are expected to face trial next year.


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