FORT WORTH For much of the last week, people who work in offices along Summit Avenue felt stuck.

'I've actually changed my route, going to 121,' said Robert Hudson. 'It's been horrible, and I've been driving through here the last six years.'

Chip Gowan works in an office building on Summit, too. He noticed the problem days ago.

'This light is all messed up,' he said. 'There's like two cars that get through every light.'

The bumper-to-bumper mess on Summit reached its peak Wednesday when city engineers studying the issue found a malfunctioning computer was causing the ill-timed traffic lights.

The glitch just so happened to coincide with the re-opening of 7th Street Bridge, and the subsequent shutdown of Forest Park Boulevard beneath.

Both factors sent more traffic onto Summit, into the path of those ill-timed lights.

When Gowan heard the lights had been re-timed, he was thrilled. 'That's awesome!' he exclaimed.

The city believes the street light repair will solve the problem, but personnel will continue to monitor traffic in the area.


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