HOUSTON The FBI confirmed that they detonated a 'potentially volatile substance' Saturday in the backyard of a million dollar home in the Tanglewood area of northwest Houston.

Nearby neighbors were notified before it took place.

On Friday, the FBI issued a search warrants for the home, which is located in the 400 block Fall River Road near Memorial Drive, and another home on Albans Street near Wilton in the South Hampton neighborhood.

Federal investigators said a third location in Bryan was served a search warrant as well. Both the Albans and Bryan scenes have cleared.

All three residences are connected to a Houston couple, Andrew Schneck and Cecily Horton. She is well-known in the local arts community. Tax records show the 5,200 square foot residence on Fall River Road is valued at $1.3 million.

The FBI said the search warrants are sealed so they can't release other details.

A Hazmat unit was parked outside the upscale home on Fall River Road and some neighbors say they were advised to leave on Friday.

One neighbor said she was told they were investigating an online threat against the government.

Authorities refused to clarify if they are searching for explosives, dangerous chemicals or something else.

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