RICHARDSON Patti Stone said she's been warning Richardson officials about the danger next door for years.

On Monday night, there was a fatal shooting at the neighboring halfway house.

"This house should not be allowed to operate. Period. Anywhere," Stone said.

Richardson police said a resident at the Oxford House facility in the 1400 block of Lamp Post Lane shot another resident, grazing him. When officers arrived to investigate, the shooter turned the gun on himself.

While Stone says residents recovering from drug and alcohol abuse have been breaking laws for more than a decade, police say the recovering addicts are generally peaceful neighbors except for of a sex offender who was allowed to live there until Oxford House belatedly found out about his past and kicked him out.

"We have not had any issues out there this year," said Richardson police Sgt. Kevin Perlich. "In 2012 there was a handful of complaints, nothing of any serious nature, most of them originating from Mrs. Stone."

The Oxford House website says nearly 80 percent of its residents have served jail time. Still, federal law protects the right of a halfway house to operate in a residential area.

So is this just a situation where Stone doesn't want the halfway house in her backyard?

"In my front yard, in my backyard... we're not safe," she said. "I could've been killed last night."

Oxford House operates multiple locations in North Texas. The owner of this facility said Patti Stone is the most difficult neighbor he has to deal with.

Apparently the feeling is mutual.


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