NEWARK, Texas Karen Smith, a family doctor in this Fort Worth suburb, said she almost didn't believe it when members of her local church started showing up at a church clinic with cases of what turned out to be the measles.

"It was such a classic case, the first one I recognized," Dr. Smith said.

That was a few weeks ago.

Smith had already seen an adult man who visited the church and had just returned from an overseas trip to Asia. But she didn't realize until later that he was the original patient to whom the outbreak could probably be traced.

"We never see measles here," she said.

The outbreak was first noticed at the clinic at Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark.

Smith said there are close to 20 cases connected to the outbreak.

Tarrant County Health officials have only confirmed 11 cases, but did concede that the number will probably go up as additional official test results are processed.

There have been countywide immunization clinics since the measles outbreak was confirmed last week.

Nearly 200 people were vaccinated at the church.

Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD said it was checking to see if any of its students were affected.

Northwest ISD said it didn't have any students with confirmed cases.

Both districts start classes again next week.


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