OXNARD, California New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi visited Cowboys training camp on Monday and spent some time with the team after practice.

He told the veterans they should spend as much time as they can with the younger guys. He called it a great bonding tool and also a way for the overall team to get stronger.

After more than a week at training camp, starting quarterback Tony Romo is looking stronger every day. Romo hasn't missed a rep yet, and that's great news after having off-season back surgery.

He's talking "process"again, and if you've heard that before, I don't blame you if you're tired of it. But this time there's a twist.

"We're based off that:Production. And that's the way it should be," Romo said. "Saying that, who knows if it wasn't a three-year process to get to the point where you're trying to get to? Sometimes you want it to be this game, this week, this year. But if it started, let's say, two years ago, how do you know it wasn't a three-year process, and now we're getting the fruits of that? You don't know that. So that's why you have to keep going and keep working so that when it does get to that point as a player and as a team, you're ready."


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