FORT WORTH We don't know a lot about Kidd Kraddick's medical history.

Was the 53-year-old radio personality having symptoms prior to his unexpected death on Saturday?

Did he have high cholesterol or high blood pressure?

What doctors do now know from an autopsy is that Kraddick had an enlarged heart and blocked arteries, and that he had had heart disease for a very long time.

People who were with Kraddick at a charity golf tournament in New Orleans Saturday said he wasn't looking or feeling well in the short time before he collapsed.

Texas Health Fort Worth cardiologist Dr. Sreenivas Gudimetla said that's consistent with signs that plaque from a heart artery had dislodged and was causing a fatal blood clot in his heart.

Are there any warning signs of an imminent heart problem?

"You can mistake it for dehydration," Dr. Gudimetla said. "You can mistake it for being in the heat too long. You can mistake it for a number of different things. And especially if you felt fine before and have never been diagnosed with heart disease or have had your risk factors assessed. It's certainly not the first thing in people's minds when they are out and active and don't feel good at the moment."

Unfortunately, for some patients, experts say their first symptom of heart disease is sudden death.

"Heart attacks can manifest as chest pain due to a lack of blood flow to that area of heart muscle supplied by that muscle that's now blocked," Dr. Gudimetla said. "But also heart attacks can manifest as a cardiac arrest due to a heart rhythm problem that causes sudden death as a result of that blockage and that process taking place."

Experts say if symptoms don't go away in a short time, get to a doctor.

People should also know if they are at high risk of heart disease. You can assess your risk online at the Heart Health Profiler website.


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