There's been a great deal of reaction to the Cowboys selling the name of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington to a corporate sponsor, and not all of it good, either.

It is the first time in their 54 years that the Cowboys have sold the name of the stadium they play in to a corporation, and yet almost everybody does that.

There's only six teams in the NFL that don't.

And while it does mean a great deal of money to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and a little bit of money to the City of Arlington, it doesn't mean a thing to the game they play on the field.

And it's the game they play on the field that is about the only thing that matters to most of us.

The Cowboys won't be able to buy a single player; they won't win a single game this year because of this deal. And I don't know what this deal does for AT&T, either.

I can't imagine that anyone will buy a phone from AT&T because they have their name on the side of a stadium in Arlington.

We flew to California this summer on American Airlines (and I promise you, it had nothing to do with the fact that American Airlines has their name on the side of a building in Victory Park).

In fact, I'd be a great deal happier with American Airlines if they'd take their name off that building and put olives on my salad again.

And I'd also be very happy if they'd take their name off that building and allow bags to fly free again.

But that's how we do business in corporate America: The rich get richer and the rest of us pay.

And now that AT&T has decided to pay Cowboys owner Jerry Jones millions of dollars to put their name on the side of the stadium, I can only hope (and I can assume) that all of thosse people who AT&T has laid off the last several years are back at work now.

And I have only one other question: What is the dumber name? AT&T Stadium in Arlington or Prince George Alexander Louis?

And I'm thinking it's a tossup.


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