TEXAS CITY, Texas -- They are conditions that some past and present volunteers have described as downright deplorable.

The Galveston County Animal Resource Center in Texas City is now under the microscope of investigators for animal cruelty allegations.

Pictures taken by one volunteer show the facility filled with dirty cages and cramped dogs and cats.

The shelter admits it has had to put down hundreds of animals in the last month. According to the Galveston County Health District, the shelter is trying to do what it can to find all of the dogs and cats homes.

However, he claims overcrowding has taken its toll on the facility.

We re disturbed by some of the photos that we have seen. We do know that we had a visit from the Texas Department of State Health Services, and we were in compliance, said Kurt Koopman with the Galveston Co. Health District.

The Galveston County Health District, which runs the shelter, tells WFAA sister station KHOU the facility took in 1,156 animals between June 3 and July 16 and euthanized 785 of them.

I made a decision that a lot of these animals lost their life. They can t talk. They weren t given voices, said volunteer Stacy Lee.

Lee said she is compelled to expose what the animals at the shelter have endured.

These dogs were walking around their own feces, their own urine, peeing in their water bowls, drinking their own urine, Lee said. I saw puppies eating their own fecal matter.

She said on July 13 a dump truck filled with euthanized animals pulled away from the shelter. She claims after that, the shelter tried to put on a front that it has cleaned up its act .

This will happen again. It will happen again, Lee said. They ve blown an artery and think they can fix it with a band aid.

The shelter confirmed it put down 40 animals on July 13 but claims the rest of the animals loaded into the dump truck had been euthanized and frozen in the weeks before.

The Galveston County Sheriff s Office is investigating the claims against the shelter but declined to discuss specifics on the case.

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