DALLAS While construction is part of growth, it can cause delays. As such, ahead of Thursday's July 4 celebration at the Cotton Bowl, organizers are alerting attendees that the North entrance will be the only one open.

What that translates into is can't seat as many people in the Cotton Bowl during the fireworks show, said Craig Holcomb, President of Friends of Fair Park. Holcomb says 10,000 people will be allowed in the Cotton Bowl.

You must have a wrist band; these are supplied by informational booths outside starting at 4:30 p.m. To attend, you must be present you can't pick them up for friends. Also, come prepared to walk several flights of stairs to get to your seats. The stadium concourses will be closed.

That will be the only seating that is allowed because of safety reasons. And that's because of all of the construction that has to get done in time for the great state fair, said Holcomb.

But while seating is limited inside the Cotton Bowl, the fireworks will be visible from all over the park.

Parking has been reduced from $15 to $5. The show is free, and is sure to be a great one: several days of manpower went into the wiring and cues to create a colorful display to America above the Cotton Bowl.


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