DALLAS On May 25, 2009, a father of two was gunned down outside a North Dallas Dairy Queen in front of his mother.

Four years after 27-year-old Leonard Richardson was killed, no one has gone on trial, leaving his family outraged.

"We just need justice for my son, and I hope and pray to God that somebody will find it in their heart whoever did this to my son to turn himself in," said Richardson's stepfather Mondo DeLuna.

Earlier this month, a man who had been charged with Richardson's murder was freed from the Denton County jail and the charges were dropped.

He was the second man to be charged with the crime, only for police later to drop the charges due to a lack of evidence and witnesses willing to testify.

On Saturday, Mondo DeLuna planted tiny American flags in the soil near a bouquet of red, white, and blue roses near the site where Richardson was killed in the 3400 block of Rosemeade Parkway on the Dallas-Carrollton border.

This memorial tribute is not like those for our war dead this Memorial Day weekend; it s for a young man who was shot and killed not on a battlefield, but near a busy street.

"This has been four years, and it still hurts like yesterday," DeLuna said.

It s unclear what led up to Richardson's shooting. There was some sort of fight, but Richardson s role in it has been disputed.

At the time, some witnesses said he intervened in a brawl. Others said he may have actually instigated the fight.

What his family knows for sure though, is that while there have been arrests in the case, no one has yet been prosecuted.

"We're not going to let somebody get away with this," said Michelle DeLuna, Richardson s sister. "If they keep getting released from jail thinking they got away with murder, it could be someone else's kid or brother or husband," she said.

The victim's family is offering a $5,000 reward, hoping cash will provide an incentive for someone to share information leading to a conviction.

Crime Stoppers has kicked in an additional $1,000 to the reward fund.


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