GRAPEVINE - Fellowship Church in Grapevine put out a call for donations to send to storm survivors in Oklahoma and people responded in a huge way.

The church collected truckloads of donations from church members and strangers.

"When an hour of need comes, we have to help each other," said Edwin Montoya.

He was among the scores of people who dropped off food, clothing and supplies. Tuesday night, church leaders asked for people to donate whatever they could for their Oklahoma relief effort.

They collected men and women's clothing, snacks and toiletries. The items were sent up to a sister church in Moore located just a few miles away from Plaza Tower Elementary School. They started with a pile of donations and it grew throughout the day.

"It's hard to believe," Montoya added. "You look at the newsreels and it looks like sticks out there. So, whatever we can do to help them."

Elizabeth Beaty, of Lewsiville, brought her daughter along to drop off supplies.

"I told her, you're going to be late for school today because we are going to go do something for our country," she said. "I hope it lifts their spirits. I hope they know that the country loves them and they're not alone."

Church members said that many of the items donated will likely be in the hands of storm survivors by Wednesday afternoon.


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