Here's an interactive map showing all the street closures

DALLAS The advice from police comes with a touch of sarcasm, but there's a lot of truth.

"Yeah I would recommend Mockingbird Lane not be in your vocabulary for the next three days," said Highland Park Department of Public Safety Sgt. Lance Koppa, with a bit of a grin.

Obviously, roads near and through the SMU campus will be shut down during the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center on Thursday, which will feature an appearance by all five living U.S. presidents.

Many streets will be closed starting Wednesday night. Mockingbird Lane will not be, but it is expected to be congested. And because it is one of the major thoroughfares to Dallas Love Field, airline passengers should plan accordingly.

President and Mrs. Obama will land at Love Field on Wednesday night. Air space will close to permit Air Force One to touch down, but the shutdown is expected to last only last a few minutes.

The President and first lady will attend an evening fundraiser at a home on Strait Lane in North Dallas, then will spend the night in the city before the Bush Center dedication on Thursday morning.

That means the presidential motorcade will be criss-crossing the city several times... and that means several random street closures.

"We don't know the routes they're gonna select. Some of them do include shutting streets down temporarily," Koppa said.

Dallas police have announced they will close some downtown streets, including parts of the Jefferson Boulevard viaduct and several of the roads that access it at 6 p.m. Wednesday. Those streets will remain closed until 10 a.m. Thursday.

Oak Cliff resident and businessman Alfredo Vargas' normal route to downtown is cut off, but he isn't complaining.

"I mean, it's pretty big... historical moment, I guess, for Dallas," he said, adding that he hoped the Bush Center will mean extra tourism dollars for the city.

Koppa warned commuters not to take Thursday's event for granted.

"I think folks are going to wake up Thursday morning and think they can watch the local news and get a traffic report and be OK, but that's not the case here," he said. "They need to start planning right now."


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