UNIVERSITY PARK The workout at The Pilates Barre is hard, but it will be nothing compared to the traffic to get here on Thursday, when the George W. Bush Presidential Center is dedicated on the SMU campus.

Local business co-owner Meaghan O'Leary runs the business, just a few blocks away on Hillcrest Avenue.

We are letting all of our clients know ahead of time to leave early to come to class, there will be more traffic, O Leary said.

She is drafting e-mail reminders now to forewarn customers, but she has a "Plan B."

I might be standing out here holding the spots making sure everyone gets their workouts in, she said, standing in the parking lot.

Some businesses are even making changes on the SMU campus. Highland Park Methodist Church is closing for three days, and so is the daycare center on campus.

Business buildings opposite the Bush Center, where protests are expected, are also sending out letters of warning.

One referenced the nearby hotel "housing Secret Service and other personnel for the week. They will have individuals on site helping with their parking areas. In addition to the hotel, we will have extra security on our lots to help patrol and assist."

Security is top of mind.

O Leary said between the Boston bombings and the suspicious letters to lawmakers, it's a worrisome time.

It's definitely crossed my mind, but hopefully because so much has been going on, security has been heightened, people are more aware... aware of what is going on," she said.


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