A Fort Worth woman who walked out of her aggravated assault trial turned herself in Tuesday morning.

Belinda Barrow was convicted of aggravated robbery after she robbed an 82-year-old woman at gunpoint, even taking her wedding rings off the elderly woman's fingers, according to a press release.

On March 20, while the jury was deliberating, Barrow walked out of state district Judge Everett Young's courtroom. She was free on bond, according to a press release.

A warrant was issued for her arrest and District Attorney Investigator Mark Thornhill and his team worked to bring Barrow back, according to the release. She was convicted in absentia and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Barrow agreed to surrender Tuesday morning and met Thornhill outside of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center in downtown Fort Worth.

Sheriff Deputy Ben Barnett spotted Barrow at the corner of Taylor and Belknap Streets.

I turned and looked at her and said, You ready to go to jail now?" A lot of people have been looking for you, Barnett said in a press release. I cuffed her. She was cooperative. She was there to turn herself in.

Barrow was indicted on the charge of bail jumping, according to the release. The third-degree felony could earn her up to 10 additional years in prison.

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