DECATUR - The suspect in the shooting of a Montague County deputy was pronounced dead and identified as a man also investigated in the death of Colorado state prison Chief Tom Clements, said Wise County Sheriff David Walker during a news conference Friday afternoon.

Clements was shot at his home Wednesday night. The following day, the suspect in his death, 28-year-old Evan Spencer Ebel, allegedly shot Montague County Deputy James Boyd during a routine traffic stop.

According to authorities, Boyd attempted to pull over Ebel, who was driving a black Cadillac with Colorado plates, at about 11 a.m. Thursday. Officials said that is when Ebel shot the deputy three times and fled the scene, leading to a 100-mph chase.

The chase between authorities and Ebel ended when he was fatally wounded after crashing the Cadillac into a semi and firing at officials.

Montague County Sheriff Paul Cunningham said he talked with Boyd's family, who said the deputy is recovering.

"He was sitting up in his bed and talking," Cunningham said. "So, that's a great thing."

According to the search warrant for Ebel's Cadillac, Hornady 9mm bullets were used in the Wise County incident. Hornady 9mm shell casings were recovered from the scene of Colorado State Prison Chief Tom Clements' murder. Clements was shot and killed after answering the door.

Also found in the truck car were a Domino's Pizza carrier and Domino's Pizza shirt or jacket.

Ebel was also a suspect in the murder of a Denver Domino's pizza driver, 27-year-old Nathan Leon, who was found dead Sunday in a ditch in Golden, Colorado, according to an ABC News report.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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