DALLAS Influenza has claimed its third child in Dallas County this year.The Centers for Disease Control confirmed the death of a 12 year-old Friday afternoon.

Six-year-olds Tahila Johnson and Adam Lucero died earlier in the season from flu-related complications. According to the Dallas County Health Department, illnesses from the virus peaked in mid January.Influenza has since been on a steady decline since. Positive flu tests are almost back to baseline levels, according to county numbers.

"It tended to cause a little bit harder suffering on the elderly population, " said Dr. Chris Perkins.

Perkins said the latest pediatric death reinforces that flu is still a threat.

"We typically don't think of the flu year 'round," he said. "But there tend to be cases throughout the year but we often see the most cases during the fall and winter months."

Flu season in North Texas typically lasts through April. Dallas County still has free flu shots available for residents. Head here for more information on that service.


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