The wife of a Dallas City Council candidate escaped an armed attacker outside Spec s on Walnut Hill on Tuesday, according to a police report.

At about 8 p.m., Melissa Kingston stopped at the store after she got off work.She says she drove up to a stop sign in the parking lot with the top down on her convertible. An armed man approached her clutching a snub nose revolver, "possibly a .38 special," the report says she told investigators.

The suspect pointed the gun at her head and ordered her to shift into the passenger seat. According to the report, the man knew who she was: Kingstonsaid he told her in broken English, Sarah, you re coming with me, move over.

Kingston told police the man "dropped his guard" and she swung her door open, knocking him down. She says she got out of her car and kicked him in his face and stomach multiple times. As the man crawled away, Kingston said she bolted to her car and sped home. The police report says investigators met her at her M Streets-area residence.

The report doesn't indicate that police have arrested her attacker.Kingston s husband is Phillip is running for Dallas City Council.


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