TROPHY CLUB A crossing guard could easily be the most popular person in Trophy Club. Alvin Peters, 72, is known for his smile, wave and warmth.

Now the community he serves wants to give him something back for the good feelings he spreads each day.

Peters, a retired welder, has become an expert at making people smile.

"When you pull up, he acts like you were the only car on the road," said Trophy Club parent Amanda Gundersen. "He is so excited to see you that he makes everyone seem so special."

The kids love Mr. Peters, too.

"I always give him a hug," said Owen Land, an elementary school student. "He's a sweet man. I just love him being a crossing guard."

Peters had a stroke when he was just two years old. It left him disabled.

"When I grew up, you know, they made fun of me," he said. "I had a hard time."

In the one year he's been a crossing guard in Trophy Club, Peters has had a huge impact. That's why parents started a website to raise money as a way of saying "thank you."

"Knowing what has happened to him, it makes it even more special because he's out there every day in the cold and rain and heat," said Christy Sakelaris. "He's out there doing his job going above and beyond for everybody."

The fund raising website has already collected $1,800 in just a few days.

"My husband and I both talked about how a smile and a wave just makes a huge difference, without even having to say a word," said Ginger Land, who lives at the intersection where Peters is stationed.

Peters fans will present him with a check when he's honored at an upcoming City Council meeting.

"I love my kids," Peters said. "I love my job."


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