DALLAS The Dallas Police Department released graphic video Thursday of a brutal robbery that ends with the suspect repeatedly beating a store clerk with a hammer.

On Jan. 16, a man walked into a store at 7517 Military Parkway in southeast Dallas.

He demanded money from the clerk, who was behind bulletproof glass. The clerk complied and emptied the register. For an unknown reason, the victim walked out from behind the glass. The suspect then slashed his throat and dragged him down an aisle that housed hardware, said department spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey.

The suspect then beat the man near relentlessly with multiple hammers, as shown in the video.

He fled on foot with an unknown amount of money. The victim, who hasn't been identified, is in serious condition, upgraded from critical. His injuries are so severe that he has not spoken with investigators.

"Not often do we see a robbery where the robber gets the money normally the robber runs off, but in this case he actually stayed and commenced to beating the complainant with the hammer," Jeffrey said.

The suspect stands 5'11'' and weighs about 210 pounds. Jeffrey says investigators believe he's a regular customer of this store, which does not have a history of robberies or crimes, Jeffrey said.

"Nothing of this magnitude; this was just a senseless, brutal robbery," she said.

The video is graphic. Typically, the department doesn't release surveillance footage this violent, but in a Facebook post, a department spokesperson writes "however, the suspect is not clearly visible in footage outside of the assault itself."

If you can identify this person, call Detective Shelton at 214.671.3612. Anonymous tips can call Crime Stoppers at 214.373.TIPS. The time and date in the video are not correct, Jeffrey said.

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