Oprah Winfrey says cyclist Lance Armstrong didn't come clean in the manner she expected (whatever that means).

Apparently he can't even apologize and admit to his cheating without trying to find a way out.

But he doesn't have one now.

Armstrong finally admitting to using the illegal drugs he said he never did, and now groups are lining up everywhere to get their money back.

Other cyclists who didn't cheat (and there were some) want Armstrong to admit it all, but he probably never will.

DonHooten, who lost a son to suicide and who was using steroids at the time, has his thoughts about Armstrong.

"Just feel relief that finally we're getting the truth out, and the importance of a message being sent to the kids," he said. "This is the truth, guys; no matter how much we idolize this man... no matter how much our adults idolize this man... it's the truth. He's been doping, and let's deal with it."

Armstrong is said to be worth about $100 million. Other cyclists are asking how much money they would have made... how many races might they have won... if Armstrong hadn't cheated?

Unfortunately for them, we will never know.


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