UPDATE: 4:41 p.m.

The Dallas County Health Department confirmed Thursday that the recent deaths of a six-year-old girl and boy are both flu related.

The Medical Examiner determined the cause of the deaths Thursday.

Tahila Johnson died on Tuesday suffering from flu-related symptoms, as detailed in this story by News 8's Rebecca Lopez. Adam Lucero died on Nov. 30, just a day after being diagnosed with influenza, his mother told News 8's Janet St. James.

Johnson, 6, was taken to the emergency room at Dallas Regional Medical Center in Mesquite on Monday night.Tahila's father, Earl Johnson, said his daughter was complaining of aches, pains and a sore throat.

Johnson said his daughter was sent home with a prescription for Tylenol and Zyrtec. He said he was told his daughter had the flu, although she was never specifically tested for it.

Tahila was found dead on her bed the next morning at 6:45 a.m. Johnson expressed concern that hospital officials did not do enough to help the six-year-old.

Dallas Regional Hospital officials have said they cannot answer questions related to the case but they maintain all procedures were properly followed.

On Nov. 29, Maria Garcia took her six-year-old boy, Adam Lucero, to Children's Medical Center. He was in pain; flu-like symptoms had grown into excruciating leg pain so severe that Garcia thought something was attacking her son's muscle tissue.

The hospital diagnosed the boy with Type B influenza. He was sent home with a prescription of Tamiflu. The boy died in the pediatrician's waiting room the next day. Children's has not commented on the incident.

In the wake of the Medical Examiner's ruling, Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson is urging parents to get their children immunized against the flu. The Centers for Disease Control says the flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent it.

The Dallas County immunization clinic is located inside the county's building at 2377 N. Stemmons Freeway. Flu vaccine shots are free for both adult and children. It's open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

"This offer is one that should be hard to pass up," Thompson said in a prepared statement. "Parents should come and get the whole family vaccinated."

Health officials are especially concerned about the severity of this year's flu season. In North Texas, cases of influenza don't usually peak until early February, making vaccinations all the more important.

This is the third and fourth confirmed flu death in Dallas County this season. The other two are both adults.

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