FORT WORTH On Tuesday, Hope the dog trotted excitedly down a hallway, her keg of gray fur framing a pair of bulging brown eyes that were fixed on its owner at the end of the hall.

Let's go see. You have visitors, Kit Moncrief told her.

Hope likes visitors. It's hard to imagine why she's so trusting.

She gained global notoriety last year when someone taped her muzzle shut, repeatedly stabbed her and left her suffering in a Parker County pasture.

But it happened to be the pasture of Charlie and Kit Moncrief.

She's, uh, sweet, Kit said, letting Hope lick her face, ignoring how much the puggle sheds on clothes and furniture in the couple's elegantwest Fort Worth home.

It's a sweet life now for Hope.

She loves everybody and everything, Kit said.

The Moncriefs are part of one of Fort Worth's original oil and gas families. They re philanthropists with a big soft spot for dogs, and pretty much all other animals.

After all, Kit says: My father, Harry Tennison, was president of the zoo.

Hope's gentle nature inspired Kit Moncrief to help create the Saving Hope Foundation.

She doesn't know it, but she's excited about it, Kit said, rubbing Hope's ears. The foundation will host its first big adoption event Saturday morning at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

We're going to give free vaccinations for the first 100 dogs, she said. After that, vaccinations are only 10 dollars.

The foundation will also unveil a rolling surgery bus nicknamed the Hope Mobile. It will offer free spay and neutering in neighborhoods where it's needed most.

We're filling the gaps the city and Humane Society can't, Kit Moncrief said.

She has rescued lots of dogs, but none with a story like Hope s. It s an unlikely tale that started with cruelty, but is about to make life better for many more dogs that could use a best friend.

The Hope-a-Palooza is scheduled for Saturday, June 29 from 8 a.m. until noon outside the Texas Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth's cultural district. Parking is free.


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