DALLAS -- Dallas police raided a ministry Thursday night they say was being used as a dope house.

They arrested three people for allegedly selling cocaine and marijuana.

Police say they got a complaint about the ministry in the 4000 block of Colonial Avenue being a drug house. When they got inside, they were surprised by what they found: a pulpit.

According to court documents, police say the home had rows of chairs, a pulpit, a bible, and even a prayer list. But the documents also show the people inside the home were selling crack cocaine and marijuana, and officers found a gun.

Inside, they found a sign saying the place was called Kingdom Coalition of Ministries.

The owner said she was allowing relatives to live in the home, but didn't know what was going on. She said she's a street minister who, ironically, preaches against drug use and uses the home on Saturdays for Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.

Police arrested Shaniqua Davis, 21, Jarrett Martin, 27, and Phillip Sterling, 25, on charges of distribution of marijuana and cocaine.

Authorities also took a nine-year-old boy from the house. He is now in CPS custody.


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