Tuberculosis testing continues at Dallas' Thomas A. Edison Middle Learning on Tuesday following the hospitalization of a student suspected of having the disease.

Dallas County Health and Human Services staffers are conducting the tests on anyone who came into contact with the student. Parents were notified on Thursday.

Tuberculosis, a potentially fatal disease that typically targets the lungs, spine, brain or kidneys of its victims, causes symptoms of weakness, weight loss, fever and night sweats. If the disease is in the individual's lungs, the victim may cough up blood and have chest pain.

But, as noted by Baylor Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Cedrick Spak, tuberculosis is caught over extended lengths of exposure.

You've got to stress that it's got to be a lot of contact, not just casual contact just like waiting in line at the water fountain, Spak told News 8's Ron Corning. It's hours and hours or days and days of contact.

To test for exposure, medical officials take a skin test. The results typically take one or two days.

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