DALLAS - Preston Hollow is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in North Texas, lined with expensive homes. It's here door-to-door magazine salesmen are targeting residents.

A 21 year old, who didn't want to be identified, was attacked last week.

He came up and was very inarticulate, and said some kind of babble about needing money for some organization - obviously fake, the man said.

The victim fears his attacker will come back, and he already bears the scar.

He ended up with 11 stitches in his face after being stabbed by an aggressive salesman who wouldn't take no for answer.

[He] pulled out a knife and came after me, the victim said. It was pretty gory.

And it's not the first time magazine sales people were aggressive in Preston Hollow.

Tontanisha Reed was arrested last week after police say she threatened a homeowner who refused to buy magazines.

According to a police report, she yelled, You better watch your back. I have friends and they will take care of you, I know where you live.

Video shot by our sister station in Houston a couple years ago shows one of their reporters attacked after confronting a salesman.

Across the state, police departments have warned about door-to-door magazine sales. They say solicitors sometimes hire felons.

Dallas police issued a similar warning this week.

If they look sketchy, don't do anything, the victim said. Just call the cops.

Dallas police say the salespeople may have weapons, so avoid contact and confrontations.


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