DALLAS In the shadow of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Nick Troilo waits for his dream in West Dallas to take off.

We are the only one. We're the first [business], Troilo said. It's going to be busier. The streets are going to be busier.

Troilo opened The Workroom, an art gallery and home furnishings store, on Singleton Boulevard last October. He went ahead with the risky investment in a recession and in a neighborhood filled with empty warehouses.

The sales numbers aren't what I would like them to be yet, but that will change, Troilo confidently said.

The artist told us that sales have been picking up in the last two weeks with the upcoming opening of the bridge and associated city celebrations.

Troilo also told us that business will get better when other stores and restaurants move in. A tortilla factory, a micro-brewery and a restaurant are expected to open in the next few months.

I think for at least time first 12 months, It's going to be hit or miss. You are going to come over and be disappointed because there is not going to be a variety of things for you to see, Troilo said. But a year from now... two years from now... things are going to start happening and fast.


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