MANSFIELD - Following the drug string that led to the arrests of over a dozen Texas Christian University students, campus police said they received a phone call from an unidentified person indicating that an unspecified action would occur at the university's bookstore later today.

In a statement, the university said it wasn't unexpected to receive such calls in response to Wednesday's drug arrests. However, officials determined it was important to keep the campus community informed of the development.

Out of the 17 arrested, only one student, Jonathan Blake Jones, remained jailed today.

Four were released from the Mansfield jail overnight and into the morning. Another person was released from the Fort Worth Police Department. Police said they are also still searching for another person of interest.

The arrests came after a top secret six-month investigation involving undercover officers and documented drug buys.

Among the arrests, four were football players for TCU.

Court documents detailed a buy involving football player Tanner Brock. The document claimed Brock told an undercover officer that the team had a surprise drug test and that he believed 60 people probably failed.

Fellow teammate Devin Johnson also allegedly spoke about the team drug test, saying he too thought the majority would fail.

Brock, a junior, pulled his shirt over his head as he walked out of jail Wednesday afternoon.

Students have been accused of selling marijuana, cocaine, LSD and other prescription drugs.

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