DALLAS --A man was shot and killed by Dallas police after allegedly robbing two people in broad daylight.

It happened at the Pleasant Grove Apartments located in the 9700 block of Lake June and St. Augustine.

Resident Huber Maldonado told News 8 that he not only heard a number of shots around 2:30 p.m., but then he saw a lot of police officers.

Dallas police swarmed the complex looking for a man who allegedly robbed two people. The victims gave a description of the getaway car. When police spotted the PT Cruiser, they followed the driver a short distance to the complex.

Police said the suspect then jumped out of the PT Cruiser with a gun in his hand.

Officers pursued him on foot and chased him around the back of the laundry room at which time, the suspect turned with his weapon an confronted the officer, said Sr. Cpl Kevin Janse, Dallas Police Department. Several officers fired at the suspect, striking him multiple times.

The robber died at the scene. Reports indicate he had just been released from prison less than a year ago.

The three officers involved in this shooting have been placed on restrictive duty, which is normal under the circumstances. An internal investigation is scheduled into this shooting.


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