Politicians like to talk a good game down in Austin about instilling values in the young, but the value-free living their policies were urging on one teenager really left something to be desired. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Thursday night, WFAA's Byron Harris told us about a girl, who having turned 19, was told she is no longer eligible for dental and medical care through Medicaid. If she became pregnant, state officials informed her, she could re-qualify.

Unmarried, she was still living with mom. Mom asked them to put it in writing, which they did, and now regret. The last thing any state agency should be suggesting to any teen, any adult who cannot afford to support a child, is get pregnant.

One obstetrician, with whom Byron spoke with, said more than one youngster has taken the state up on that advice, even paid to have a birth control device removed to get pregnant and get braces. I wonder who pays at least some of the monthly expenses to support those babies; I wonder about the kind of love received by children brought into the world solely as a means by which to get dental care.

It makes no sense, morally or fiscally.

The state has now apologized to the teen in Byron's story, promising to complete her orthodontic work without her having to become a mother. While I agree adulthood should bring some responsibility to pay for one's own health care, this is one rule we might want to tweak.

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