A Granbury woman has been arrested in Kansas for the murder of her husband's mistress.

According to investigators, Shannon Griffin, 52, shot and killed Dr. Irina Puscariu at her home in Gladstone, Missouri on Friday, hours after learning about the adultery in a therapy session with her husband, Air Force Col. Roscoe Griffin.

He had allegedly just told his wife that he had no intention of ending the affair.

According to a statement from the Gladstone Police Department, Shannon Griffin called her husband Friday afternoon to tell him that she had shot Puscariu.

Police found Puscariu dead at her home in Gladstone, shot three times in the face.

Griffin was captured two-and-a-half hours later in Kansas after being pulled over on Interstate 35. She was taken into custody without incident, according to the Gladstone police statement.

After the shooting and before she was taken into custody, Shannon Griffin told her husband in a phone call that she felt like she did what had to be done to protect him and others from this evil woman, the police report stated.

Shannon Griffin is being held without bond at the Sedgwick County jail in Wichita, Kansas. She faces charges of first degree murder. A conviction carries a penalty of either death or life behind bars.

Griffin lives in a gated community in Granbury. She retired from NASA's Johnson Space Center in 1993.

Col. Griffin also once worked for NASA in Houston. He is currently teaching Junior ROTC at a high school in Kansas.

Puscariu, 46, was a psychiatrist in the Kansas City area.

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