DALLAS -- Dallas the new TNT show has been shooting in North Texas since last Fall, but will soon start shooting in other areas of Dallas County.

A unanimous vote from Dallas County Commissioners has given film crews the right to shoot on county property, for a price.

Horizon Scripted Television has agreed to pay the county a down payment of $25,000 and a payment of $1,000 for every day spent filming on Dallas County property.

Dallas producer Ken Topolsky said he's pleased about today's decision, saying the county and city of Dallas have been very supportive since the start of filming back in October.

The request Dallas County Commissioners approved calls for filming in places like empty courts, jails and office buildings.

Topolksky is not saying which locations his film crews are eyeing for access specifically, but the expectation is filming will be over by month's end.
That could bring in 5-10-thousand dollars to Dallas County.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said this deal is a win-win for the city and job hunters.

I do have assurance that this will bring jobs and we need jobs, said Jenkins. I m excited that they re going to be here and they re going to be cutting checks to employees.

The new Dallas series will air on TNT beginning this summer. Ten episodes are scheduled.

TNT is promising a drama where the Ewings will return to the ranch with secrets, schemes and betrayals. But, this time, they'll be joined by a whole new generation of Ewings who take ambition and deceit to a wicked new level.


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