Q: Congratulations on your Texas Emmys. You are outgrowing local news. I believe your ready for the World News or something bigger !!
A: Thank you! I still have aspirations of going to the next level, but my family is here, so I struggle with that. Depends on the day, how I feel!

Q: Dear Shelly: I am writing to you out of sheer desperation. I live in The Colony and am Unemployed. My Brother, my only sibling, lives in Philly and is dying from his war wounds received after 3 tours of duty in IRAQ.I have NO MONEY to get home to him and all I need is $500.00 to get home. I am praying that I will make it home before he passes and maybe, I will have one last Christmas with him.
I am so sorry to hear this. I wish your family the best during this difficult time. Have you tried calling the USO to see if they can help you, since your brother is a veteran?

Q: I would like to know why Doctors who call them self Plastic Surgeon are allowed to work out of there own office and have a room which they call a operation room which is not sterile to do surgery there, my daughter which is at Baylor Hospital now almost die because of this the Doctor was not a licensed surgeon.
A: Yes, sounds really sketchy to me. I think you need to email me this story, sounds like something we need to expose.

Q: Do you have any theories as to why so many ridiculous television programs have become so popular? I am referring to programs such as The Bachelor/Bachelorette and the Survivor Series. There was even a more absurd program in which people living together were being photographed and monitored each day.
I think people are bored and exhausted from their routines, and this is the way to escape all of that. For whatever reason people like to watch train wrecks, and this is their chance to do it from their couches!

Q: Is Cynthia pregnant? I realize this is probably old news for most but aside from their banter with one another (which is pretty hilarious) the morning crew doesn't generally go into that much detail about themselves. So I'm simply curious and excited for her.
Oh yes, she is! With twins. She won't find out the sexes until they are born. She is simply glowing.

Q: What happen to the fellow that was on the early show and then moved to Good Morning Texas?
Can't think of his name right off, but I miss him - liked him soooo much better than the other yahoo that is back on Good Morning Texas.
You are talking about Chris Flanagan. He is now a main anchor in Cleveland, Ohio. He got the great opportunity and couldn't say NO!

Q: Hi Shelly! This is a voice from your past-your former librarian, National Honor Society sponsor and Theta sister. I am planning the Theta Founders Day brunch for our Plano/Richardson Area alumni and would love to have you speak to our group. Please give me a call or email me as soon as possible and let's talk!! You do a great job and we are all so proud of you. Let me hear from you.
Well hello back! Email me or Anita Moss, she handles organizing all public appearances.

Please settle a subject that has been a major discussion around the dinner table... Are you pregnant, again? If so, when were you going to tell your fans?
Hmmm...this must mean I look a little rounder than normal! My husband and I do want more children, and when the time comes I would share it on air, but not until the first trimester ends.

Q: Why is Pete Delkus chief meteorologist and not Steve McCauley. It seems Steve does the weather much more often and Pete is ALWAYS on vacation!
Pete does have a lot of vacation. But he also works a lot of days for 24 to 48 hours straight, so he gets to comp that time. When you are sleeping, he is very likely watching and monitoring a storm develop, and he gets to take that time off later. Steve, rocks, too, though. I call him the teacher.

Q: What would you like to see on the local news during the precious first 5 minutes each night? More stories of murder and perversion?
I like to see issue oriented, enterprise stories. Sometimes, though, the news of the day rules out, and it may be the bizarre shooting that shut down traffic for hours. It depends on how many people the story impacts. But I would like to see more issues, less crime, which is something we do strive for daily.

Q: Why are there not more specialty correspondents who provide reports on what they are knowledgeable of? WFAA has a health reporter, why not add other specialties such as business, politics, legal, science; technology, and religion? Since Dallas has so much influence in religion and religion has so much influence on our community, it seems especially important to have a religion specialist.
We really only have a political reporter and health reporter, the rest of us our general assignment. They do that because some days there may not be news big enough to report in a science area, or technology. We are all suppose to know a little bit about EVERYTHING in order to look for what stories are the most high impact each day.

Q: Shelly, for some reason, the closed caption feature does not display on channel 8 before 6am so I'm forced to watch the B and C channels if i want to read the captions versus using the volume (I have a 2 and 6 month old). any reason why WFAA doesn't turn this feature on until 6am? Can you put in a request to have them begin at 4:30 when Daybreak starts?
A: The request is in, but they don't do it until 6pm as of right now, because that is when most viewers tune in. You are not the first to say this, so hopefully these requests will help!

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