It is all about the important man in your life. Inside saver Laura Thornquist was in News 8 studios with a slew of gift ideas that will save and keep on giving!

First of all now is the time to buy tools! I haven't seen so many good deals since Christmas.

I'm finding a ton of HOT deals on Amazon and Sears. There are some for under $20!

Black & Decker lights are just $7.99, little clip lights are $10.99 and a big boy is $14.99. With the recent tornadoes, it

If you are giving Dad something that requires a little juice you first need to put batteries on your list, so you might consider a Platinum Universal charger for $20 and rechargeable batteries for $10.

For a father that needs a gift just for himself , how about a big George Foreman Grill. It is still a hot seller and on Amazon you can get it under $50.

Some fun things, like a Dallas Cowboys desk lamp is only $29.

Or if you're dad is obsessed with his iPod, check out a sneaker speaker bear by Gund, so even if dad doesn't want it the kids will love it and it is just $14.99.

A quick freebie to mention, Friday is listener day at 96.3 KSCS. The first 963 people to Hawaiian Falls get in free. You can also get a discounted coupon to get in that day for just $9.63!

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