DALLAS - WFAA wraps up our profiles of the candidates for Dallas mayor by looking at Edward Okpa.

The 51-year-old is a naturalized U.S. citizen having emigrated from Nigeria in 1985. He's a married father of two teenagers and makes a living in real estate.

Okpa doesn't support a tax rate increase. He says economic development depends on improving neighborhoods, and he would support southern sector development with city financial incentives.

Okpa tries to improve his name identification as a candidate on two wheels. Wearing a campaign T-shirt, he cycles several times a week.

It's the way he says he's rolling up support in the mayor's race.

People feel that I know the issues, he said. People feel that I am capable of making a difference.

With the city dealing with another budget gap of tens of millions of dollars, Okpa turns to an area with which he's familiar, real estate, and says the city should sell excess property to raise money and consolidate operations.

If the City of Dallas can relieve itself of selling real estate that they have, we'll have about $120 million to use for streets, he said.

Running for mayor is a road he's gone down before. In 2003, he got two percent of the vote. And, in 2007, Okpa received less than one percent, just 429 votes.

Undaunted, he said he wants to serve.

I don't think America is about 'do it one time, if you don't make it don't do it again,' he said.

Okpa's hoping voters don't put the brakes on him the third time around.


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