Q: First, let me thank you for remembering that Easter is a religious holiday and showing The Ten Commandments. However I would like to point out to you that this movie was about a time long before Christ, so maybe should be reserved for Hanukah or Passover. Maybe a more fitting movie would be The Robe, Barabbas or Ben Hur. But again, thank you for remembering the reason, and God bless you and the other 86% percent of the American public who proclaim Christianity. (And thanks for keeping us updated on the weather during commercials.)

Q: I wanted to say thank you, I realize that advertising is your source of revenue yet with bad weather approaching the North Texas area you did not interrupt The Ten Commandments but the advertising with the weather updates. It shows to me the importance of this show that has become a tradition.

Q: I notice the weather bulletin doesn t ruin your commercials.

Q: I cannot believe that you allow your people to put the weather warning across the screen and detract from one of the greatest movies of all time and it is far more difficult to read then when it was run across the bottom of the screen, before the movie began, how sad and foolish.

A: We heard from a handful of viewers during ABC annual broadcast of The Ten Commandments. Our number one priority is to warn viewers when severe weather threatens,and we did during the movie which has aired for many, many consecutive years prior to Easter Sunday on ABC. That said, we do our best to be judicious insofar as program interrupts. There is a balance as far as being intrusive enough that viewers heed the call to be aware of weather issues. We are sensitive to these situations, and will continue to do our best to provide information with minimal interruption and only as necessary.

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