Q: I don't usually get to watch the 10 p.m. News on Channel 8. I am able to watch the replay on Saturday and Sunday mornings though, and it is annoying that the replay doesn't always start at 4:30 a.m., but cuts off sharply at 5 a.m. with no warning. The commercials are still shown which should entitle the sponsor to have the whole newscast shown as long as they are paying the bill. Why does the infomercial ahead run over into the News? Both me and the other viewers would like to see the weather and sports also, but they are always shortchanged. Why is that?

Wylie, Texas

A: We appreciate your interest in early morning replays of WFAA weekend newscasts, Bill. Saturday and Sunday night newscasts are repeated in their entirety at 12:35 a.m. each night respectively. Replays later at night (or early morning) are often not in their entirety due to timing issues related to the official start of our broadcast day and new programming at 5am. We will however, examine our overnight schedule to see if we can offer any improvements. Please note that we also provide weekend morning newscasts, beginning live at 7am on Saturdays and 8am on Sundays. Thank you again for taking time to write. We regret any inconvenience caused by the incomplete broadcast of local news programs on WFAA.

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