If you thought Roger Staubach could play quarterback, you should see him work a room.

I just spent 3 hours with the Super Bowl XLV host committee chairman at the Super Bowl media center, and Roger the Dodger did not disappoint. Instead of using spin moves to deftly evade oncoming rushers, Staubach played spin doctor with any and all questions coming his way.

He told me he feels the competitive juices flowing now Super Bowl week is underway. In May of 2007, the NFLawarded North Texas the big game, and now Staubach just wants everything to work out. He's admittedly disappointed about the bad weather headed this way, but still thinks Cowboys stadium will set this year's big game apart.

The host committee's mantra is doing the right thing for the right reason, and Staubach is just the man to quarterback the effort. He dealt with each media member with class and ease as if he knew them forever. And there's a reason he universally admired. In most cases, Staubach spent an extra moment or two that left a great impression.

Besides having a great game Sunday, the next goal is to land Super Bowl L. That's fifty in roman numerals. And with Staubach leading the way, North Texas has a great head start.

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