DALLAS It's taken Tommy Tuberville nearly a year to convince everyone, including potential recruits, that his style of coaching has changed at Texas.

You can tell them, hey listen! We're going to throw the ball and continue to do the same thing on offense, I think a lot of people didn't believe because I've never done that before, Tuberville says. Now after going through a season, what we do on offense and defense kind of sells itself.

Tuberville is in Dallas getting the Red Raiders ready to play Northwestern in the TicketCity Bowl on January 1st. The game will be played at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park at 11am.

Tuberville has yet to put his full stamp on Texas Tech football. After all, he's only been on the job less than a year but that is expected to change as he prepares to sign his second recruiting class and take the program in a new direction.

We just want to make it better, Tuberville says. We want to make it better in the running game. We want to be more physical.

It s definitely better for the running backs, says Texas Tech running back Eric Stephens.

Eric Stephens is a sophomore running back from Mansfield. He says the changes that are taking place will help the program in the long run.

I think it will also get more recruits in here, Stephens says. We're able to do more things. We're not just like a pass first or pass happy offense. We're more balanced and that will help us out a lot.

It was nice. It was a change, says Texas Tech running back Baron Batch. Saturday s game will be his last for Texas Tech. I could get used to it. There were games where I carried it over 20 times and that doesn't happen very often.

You look at what most of the high school teams are doing, they're running the spread offense so it's a lot easier for us to go out and say, we're going to run what you re running in high school. It's easier to sell your product, Tuberville says.

Texas tech called 154 fewer passes last season so the re-balancing has already begun.

Now that we've been here for a year and made a lot of connections with high school coaches and kind of showed them what we're going to do on offense and defense, Tuberville says.

And that should help recruiting.
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