Q: I just moved right next door to your downtown studios--literally. I do not use cable or a dish -- the complex has a master antenna . I get all the other stations fine, but do not get Channel 8 at all. I need my Sunday morning this week fix, and miss Steve McCauley. Any idea why this is happening? Is it because you all are digital?

A: The other stations you mentioned broadcast on UHF signals, while WFAA and another station broadcasts on a VHF signal. Therefore you must have an antenna capable of receiving both VHF and UHF signals to receive all the stations. There is no cost difference between an antenna that receives one or both. If you need an engineer (we copied our director of technology on this email) on staff to speak with your complex and assist, we are happy to do so.

(Editor s Note: Our technology folks made a few phone calls to the apartment to try and help out. Cam wrote back to say, Guys, thanks for taking care of this. The apartments now can get WFAA. I watched Steve McCauley last night! Apparently cooler weather is only ten days away! )

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