DALLAS - In Wednesday morning's After The Bell report, some may think of the House of Blues as just a nightclub for adults. However, it's not uncommon to find children having the run of the place, and it's actually encouraged thanks to the International House of Blues Foundation.

The children arrive at the House of Blues with smiles on their faces and ready to have fun.

It's really special, said 10-year-old Isabel Carranza. We learn about different things like songs that we didn't even know about them.

The children, from several Dallas summer programs, are enjoying a field trip to the House of Blues as part of the International House of Blues Foundation program.

The kids received a tour of the club's folk art collection and informal lessons about art, including local artists.

I think it's a really unique way to learn about American history through the arts, said Nazanin Fatemian, project manager for the International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF). Often times, it's just a matter of exposure, exposing them to things they haven't necessarily considered or a different way of approaching things they've been learning in the classroom already.

The foundation runs its educational programs during the school year for teachers and students. With some help from their new relationship with the Dallas AfterSchool Network, IHOBF has been able to serve children enrolled in summer programs. This, along with a big emphasis on music, allows the children to get a true hands-on experience, even creating pieces of art themselves.

I'm making a face with the noodles for eyebrows, the beads for heads, the beans for eyes and nose, the rice for mustache and another noodle for the mouth, said 11-year-old Isaiah Brown as he worked on his art creation.

This summer, about 1,000 children will take part in the program.


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