Forget everything you know about Robin Hood, because Ridley Scott's castle-storming new film deals only with the back-story. It's a prequel to the Robin Hood legend.

Russell Crowe is a serious archer in the King's army and a man of few words. He goes AWOL during battle and just like William Wallace becomes the heroic centerpiece of a revolution.

Yes, the locals are oppressed and Robin wants to help, but he's more interested in staying out of the way and out of trouble.

That is until he meets Lady Marion, played with an earthy confidence by Cate Blanchett. She's terrific.

Robin Hood is rated PG-13, but the muscular, dirty battle scenes feel more like an R. Ridley Scott plays with history so much it's difficult to decipher the difference between truth and fiction.

But Robin Hood is also a cracker-jack piece of archery-driven entertainment.

Yes, it's different than what we are used to, but with arrows flying everywhere, it's also more entertaining.


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