Today's Our Neighbor is an extraordinary group of high school seniors who are leading by example.

Not only have they made some big sacrifices in dealing with an unforeseen tragedy but they've shown compassion to a grieving family.

The class of 2010 at Rice High School has more than just graduation to celebrate.

They've joined together for a greater purpose.

Robyn Kittrell's daughter, Tory Cantu, passed away last month after battling a blood infection.

They have taken in our family as one of their own, she said.

Tory was not covered by insurance, so that's when the senior class stepped in to raise money for her medical expenses.

In this time and day, children are raised and sometimes they don't have manners and sometimes they think of themselves first but these kids at Rice are not like that, Kittrell said.

We all basically grew up together and everybody here knows everybody. We're basically family, so we felt it was our duty to help out, said senior, Trevor Bustamante.

The Rice High School seniors organized several blood drives, raffles and coin drives. They also gave up a major commodity for their class trip to Sea World.

We were supposed to take a chartered bus but we decided as a class to give the money that we would have spent on the chartered bus to the family for medical expenses, so we ended up taking a school bus instead, said Hailey Moore.

There is a thermometer at the school that shows just how much the senior class of 2010 has raised in honor of Tory. It is well past the $10,000 mark right now and the Rice High School Bulldogs plan to do even more fund raising.

They are making the effort all in memory of a young girl who loved her school.

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