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FORT WORTH Federal agents on Wednesday arrested the ex-husband of a Colleyville woman who found an explosive device on her front porch last Sunday.

The bomb which police now say was manufactured using gunpowder, bullets and salad bowls did not go off.

Colleyville police Chief Steve Dye said the arrest of 52-year-old David Barouch followed the execution of a search warrant at his home in far north Fort Worth Wednesday morning. Dye said evidence was found linking Barouch to the crime.

The suspect was handcuffed by Colleyville officers and was transferred to the Tarrant County Jail.

I hope this sends a message that it won't be tolerated, Dye said.

Robert Champion, Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said Barouch faces federal charges involving manufacturing and possession of a destructive device.

We can't discuss specifics until a complaint is filed, Champion told reporters.

But on Wednesday evening, Colleyville police released a copy of the search warrant that was issued to conduct the search of David Barouch's home in the 5200 block of Selago Drive, about 10 miles from the crime scene in Colleyville.

The suspect watched from a police car as heavily-armed federal agents entered the residence and began piling boxes and other contents from his home on the driveway.

This is an investigation into an explosive device, so we wanted to make sure there was nothing in his residence, explained ATF Special Agent Tom Crowley. When you're doing these types of investigations, it's very meticulous, because you're looking for sometimes the smallest piece of evidence that may tie somebody to a particular device.

The warrant details a stormy marriage in which Barouch was physically abusive to his wife and his son, followed by a five-year divorce during which he allegedly left threatening phone messages.

According to the warrant, the bomb left in a FedEx box on the front porch of his ex-wife's Colleyville home was hidden inside two wooden salad bowls.

The warrant described what happened when the woman found the box:

Ms. Barouch observed that the package was addressed to J Barouch and was labeled Salad Sweepstakes from Salads R Us...

Ms. Barouch opened the package ... and found that it contained packing peanuts and two wooden salad bowls, taped together with masking tape. Ms. Barouch reported that she separated the bowls and discovered a six volt lantern battery wired to a large bag of black/gray powder inside the bowls.

Police traced the bowls to a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Hurst. Surveillance cameras captured images of a man matching Barouch's description buying the two bowls on April 14.

The makeshift bomb contained three pounds of smokeless gunpowder and 9mm projectiles the bullets from handgun ammunition, according to the police document.

It further states that Barouch was an expert marksman who reloaded his own ammo.

Neighbors of David Barouch like Steve Chevier were shocked by it all. Well, I certainly wouldn't want to say much about him, because I wouldn't want a FedEx package showing up on my front porch, either, he said.

But in his ex-wife's neighborhood, friends who knew the couple said they were saddened, but not surprised by what happened.

He just tried to to everything he could to cause her grief, and I think she was pretty much scared of him, said Colleyville neighbor Mike Marshall.

Chief Dye thanked the ATF and police in Keller and Fort Worth for their help in identifying a suspect.

I think this shows what this interdepartmental cooperation can do, he said.

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