DALLAS - This week's Uncut commentary puts the spotlight on one good person.

Earlier this week, our David Schechter did a follow up report on a man who is trying to return what is apparently a piece of art stolen by the Nazis. He wants to give it back to its rightful owner.

Hitler and his henchmen snatched millions of pieces of art from museums and homes.

Bill Pentak, of Frisco, purchased his piece 30 years ago. He now knows it's a 300-year-old Italian masterpiece. He bought it from a German owner of a gallery, a man he now believes was a Nazi.

Pentak probably could have kept that piece. No one would have known a thing. Well, actually, Pentak would have known, and for a principled man or woman that's enough.

So, he's trying to right a wrong even though he didn't commit the wrong.

Every day we do stories about people who do wrong things and then swear to high heaven they didn't know it was wrong. I confess, I rarely believe that. I think we all know right from wrong and that's why we do the wrong in the dark or when no one is watching. And, after we do it, that's why we run, hide and then lie..

Yes, there are exceptions, but it's what we do in the dark with no one else watching that proves who we really are and are not.

Looking for other role models for your kids? Pentak comes highly recommended.

That painting he owns is probably worth a lot of money. Most people would tell him to just keep it.

But, by trying to right a wrong, he teaches a good lesson put well by Max Lucado: A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.

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