DALLAS - Kids in a Dallas after school program are having a ball as they take part in the Therapeutic After school Program.

The program started three years ago for children with some sort of behavioral problem from the ages 10 to 14.

I feel really good knowing that people can say things to me and be kidding and I won't be upset about it and I won't start yelling and screaming, said 12-year-old Jason.

The program runs in 12-week sessions and is run by the Salesmanship Club.

No child is ever turned away. The kids work on self control, respect, communication and decision making.

Director Fred Lines said there are no other program like it in Dallas County and points to a 95-percent success rate.

They're hearing their teachers compliment them more, he said. They're hearing their parents compliment them more and they're noticing less stress at home. It's very rewarding.

Family is a big component. The program offers parent support groups and parent education classes, as well.


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