The crowd of more than 25-hundred TCU fans came to celebrate the school s first ever invitation to a BCS bowl game. They gathered at Daniel Meyer Coliseum to be a part of the bowl selection show for the FOX network.

The football gods repaid us by having the kind of season, says Head Coach Gary Patterson. We didn't think this would be the year that we would do this. To be able to be here, to get a chance to play on the big stage, to get a chance to do the things we'll get to do, we're just excited for the seniors.

TCU won't get to play a school from a BCS conference. Instead, they get a rematch of last year's Poinsettia bowl, playing Boise State in the Fiesta bowl. It's the first time that two teams from conferences without automatic bids to the BCS will play in one of the five big-money bowls in the same season.

I consider Boise State and I consider TCU BCS schools, Patterson says. You know everyone else wants to give it a different name, but we'll play with anybody. The think for us, we wanted the highest matchup and this was going to give us the highest matchup so here we go.

It is a rematch but that's just how it worked, says TCU Quarterback Andy Dalton. We're in a BCS game. There is nothing to complain about. When asked if he was disappointed that TCU will face a school from a BCS conference, Dalton says No, I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that.

While the coaches and players said all the right things about facing Boise State again, TCU fans weren't that accepting. Almost all agreed that the Horned Frogs deserved a better matchup.

I'm not very happy with it. We've played them before, says Brandon Skinner

It makes the BCS look week, says Courtney Kimbrough. It makes them look afraid that TCU or Boise or Cinncy can come in and do something big. It's ridiculous. I mean, those boys deserve better. They deserve so much better.

Geno Borchardt agrees. What's really unfair for both teams is Boise State could do the same thing. They didn't want the two non BCS schools to play a BCS school, because we would prove that the whole system is a sham, he says.

While they don't agree on the matchup, perhaps the money the school will receive by playing in a BCS bowl game will help ease the pain.

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